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It's important to have a well built website, but even after you have that, how do you know it's meeting your expectations? Don’t guess how well your website is doing, let us help make it as effective as possible. Without capturing and analyzing adequate data, you miss out on the valuable insights the data offers. Learn where your customers are coming from and where they are spending the most amount of time on your website. By looking at your site's analytics we can create custom reports, and identify waste and key performance indicators that can be easily monitored.

We can help you determine, based on your own website data, how well Pay Per Click (PPC), SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and other internet tools are working for you. We can even establish where prospective shoppers stop in the checkout flow and which pages improve conversions. And, we offer 24-hour off-site server monitoring, real-time error monitoring and a link checking service to catch those hidden, broken links that affect search engines and overall usability.


"We are extremely fortunate to have such a capable design firm in our backyard. The people at Imagemakers do outstanding work and we have a great working relationship with them that’s almost 10 years old."

Shawn Lane
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