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What's in a logo? At Imagemakers, we don't just create a design and place your company's name on it. We start by fully understanding your brand. Your logo is something that is not only seen on the outside of your business and on your business card, but it is seen by each and every person your brand interacts with on a daily basis. With just a glance, your logo is something that represents who your brand is and is remembered by customers who build a relationship with your company. So isn't it worth giving it some thought?

Our logo development process has been developed over the past 10 years and results in repeat client satisfaction. Because our team is so highly involved in the development process, we are able to tap into the mind of your target market during the research stage, while we also learn about the logos of your direct competitors. After we have developed a design that will be well received by your target market, we evaluate not only if it looks good, but whether or not it does what we want it to do. Your logo must accurately represent your brand. View our logo portfolio to see how we've helped clients put forth their best image with our logo development and design expertise.


"Imagemakers went above and beyond to develop and launch the site on a tight deadline."

Leah Fliter
Director of Advocacy and Outreach
Kansas Farm Bureau
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