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We play well with others

We are always looking to partner with other firms, agencies, freelancers, media buyers, graphic designers and programmers.  We believe each of us brings different strengths to the table and when we work together we have the potential to create even more effective work.

Imagemakers is located in Wamego, Kansas, a picturesque community of around 4,000 people nestled along the Kansas River.  Some might call it “the sticks” but we see it as the perfect place from which to draw inspiration.  Being located in the middle of the country is a great advantage.  We are, after all, half way to everywhere.  In less than an hour we can be at our Regional Airport, through security and on our way to anywhere in the world. 

We also are able to successfully mesh small town sensibility, with its emphasis on clear communication, customer service and client satisfaction, with cutting edge technology and big city production and know-how to any project.

Because of our location we are also at the forefront of Rural Sourcing, which allows us to produce the highest quality work, much of it nationally recognized, in the most cost effective and competitive manner.  And, we would hope, in this day and age, no one believes that talented programmers, designers and other creative types only exist in cities.  To the contrary, we are finding that more and more people are yearning for a less hectic environment in which they can create, dream, stretch and produce great work for a diverse array of clients.

We can keep a secret

We respect our partners and their clients so we allow you to control the process and communication with those clients.

We will work with you and your client’s in any way that best serves you and them.  As far as we’re concerned, your clients don’t even need to know we’re involved. We don’t have to receive credit, use the finished product in our portfolio, or talk to your client at all.

But if you wish, we are ready and willing to assume some of the responsibility for strategic planning, understanding and defining customer needs, attending client meetings and delivering expected results.

It’s your call.  We will never contact your client directly without your permission.  We respect you and we respect your relationship with your client and we will never encroach upon that.

So, you may now be asking yourself, “But are you guys any good?”

Take a look at our work and decide for yourself. Our programmers can match your design to the pixel, and our designers won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Feel free to also ask our clients.  They are the true judge of our effectiveness and our ability to deliver on their behalf.

We have a track record of successful partnerships and several have produced award winning work – like the Move to Manhattan, Kansas video and

Curious? So are we.

Stop by the office and see what we’re about. Or drop us a note, and next time we’re in your area, we’ll meet for lunch.

Let’s see what we can do together.

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"Imagemakers was flexible, reasonable, and able to come up with ideas on the fly."

John Hanley
Vice President/Senior Director of Marketing
Equity Bank
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