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What does success mean to you?
Higher revenue?  Increased sales of a specific product?  Breaking into a new market?

Whatever your dreams and goals may be for your organization, we want to help you make them a reality.  That's why we focus on listening, more than talking.  We want to know your dreams and your goals so that we can help you communicate and succeed.

In over 12 years of business our priority, and greatest incentive, has always been success for our clients.  We believe our clients not only appreciate that, but also benefit from it, since most of our new clients have been referred by existing ones.

Imagemakers was founded during a recession, and we quickly learned what it meant to work hard. Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience in the kind of web development, graphic design, and advertising efforts that get results. We draw on diverse backgrounds from ad agencies large and small, cities across the US and a wide range of international travel experiences. In fact, everyone on the Imagemakers' team is encouraged to visit a different culture every year to gain a new perspective about how others see the world.  We believe the benefit of our willingness to get out of our comfort zone results in learning new ways to communicate and understanding different points of views.  That allows us to hone our listening and observational skills so we can be a better partner in helping you identify your goals and in working to help you then meet, and exceed, them.

We're not the only ones receiving recognition for our work.  Our clients also win awards for the work we do for them.  This pleases us, but we believe, however nice awards may be, creating and sustaining results for our clients is even better!

We also have other members of our team – our freelancers.  In fact, we wouldn't be able to produce the quality, or quantity, of work we do without our extensive network of talented freelance writers, designers, programmers and developers, actors, musicians, video post production specialists and others.

Honestly, we feel fortunate in that we have found the best of the best to work with us on projects and consider each one a valuable and esteemed member of the Imagemakers team.  And by using the talent and expertise available from our freelancers we are able to create the perfect team to help us meet the individual needs of our clients, no matter what those needs may be.

Dan Holmgren

Dan Holmgren

President & Creative Director

Dan Holmgren is one of those rare people who possess both the creative gene and a natural business savvy. He has always drawn and painted and has also always dreamed of running his own business. That dream came to fruition when he began Imagemakers in 1998. It was incorporated in 2001 and has been helping clients' dreams come true ever since.

Dan started working as a graphic designer in his hometown of Kansas City in 1994 and started writing software in 1989. In between he has worked with studio photography, a newspaper, web development and film production.

The best part of his job is seeing the positive effects Imagemakers' work has on the people and the clients it serves. He has helped launch successful new businesses, created websites that get over two million visits a year and has also won national awards and recognition for design, commercials and website creation.

But, although awards and professional recognition are nice, Dan believes the best measure of his success comes from the success of Imagemakers' clients. When not traveling or enjoying good food Dan can be found at the helm of Imagemakers where he has created a true team environment. One place you won't find Dan is out front, patting himself on the back and talking about his achievements. Dan would rather listen to his clients and help them clarify, reach for and achieve their goals and dreams.

Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged

Favorite Foods: Truffle risotto, bacon, soup dumplings

Next Place I Want to Visit: Space

Hobbies: Traveling, eating, cooking

Dusty Thomas

Dusty Thomas

Director of Business Development

One of the first things we noticed about Dusty was his interest in, well, just about everything. Whether its movies, travel, high-tech gadgets, sports, mentoring or motivational speaking, Dusty is truly an eclectic personality.

Even as a boy, Dusty's interests ran wild. When asked what Dusty wanted to be when he was growing up, his mother replied, "Which time? He wanted to be a pilot after going to an airshow and a fireman after visiting a fire station. In high school, he wanted to be a photographer or a reporter."

And Dusty says he thinks all of those professions still sound interesting and fun. Of all of Dusty's varied interests, we are most excited that he was interested in being on the Imagemakers team and sharing his expertise and enthusiasm with our clients.

Dusty is a 2003 graduate from Kansas State University with a B.S. degree in Mass Communications. He has over 12 years of sales and marketing experience working in a variety of industries, including consumer entertainment brands and manufacturing. Most recently, Dusty directed global sales for Datasat Digital Entertainment where he was charged with managing a demanding network of dealers, coordinating better than twelve tradeshows a year, and developing strategic growth partnerships with other industry leaders.

While Dusty has proven to be a driven and dedicated business professional, its Dusty's personal motivations and desire to give back that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. He believes his success is a reflection of those who helped and mentored him as he was beginning his career, and credits them for teaching him the importance of being willing to listen and learn from others.

Whether as a trainer in the Kansas Army National Guard, Field Artillery, or mentoring college students and young professionals, Dusty loves "to watch people be happy, succeed, or just live the lives they most want. It's a powerful feeling to believe you may have played a role in that happiness, success or life."

The joy of watching others succeed transfers easily into his role on the Imagemakers team. Dusty actively listens to, helps guide and works with prospective clients to determine how we might best meet their needs and help them successfully reach their goals.

"I love seeing growth, whether in an individual or in a business. It's a rush for me to help businesses communicate and succeed," he says.

When not working, Dusty enjoys spending time with his wife, Jana, and their three sons.

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Travel Moment: Walking around London on a Saturday afternoon

Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty series

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Jaclyn Collins

Jaclyn Collins

Account Director

From the age of two, Jaclyn knew how to captivate her audience as she delighted guests while she danced across the stage. Later, she found her true calling helping clients step into the spotlight to do just the same.

After graduating from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in Strategic Communication, an advertising and public relations program, Jaclyn gained invaluable experience at an award-winning boutique PR agency in Dallas, known as MM2 Public Relations. At MM2, Jaclyn worked on projects for clients such as HomeAway, Barry Callebaut, MoneyGram, and The Hartford. Just like in a choreographed dance, this experience helped Jaclyn unleash her natural creativity into her work. Jaclyn's experience taught her the importance of creating an effective media campaign, defining and reaching goals for future business growth, enhancing social networks and consumer interactivity and building long-lasting relationships with media personnel to garner positive news coverage of a client's brand.

But this Boston-area native says she owes her introduction to the world of business promotion to her first job that she began at the young age of 14, when she worked at a local restaurant scooping ice cream and serving fresh seafood platters. "Coming right up," she used to hear the chefs say as she worked with a team to help maintain a successful business, increase product sales, and provide excellent customer service, all of which left Jaclyn wanting to continue her success within the marketing and communications industry.

"I get excited about helping organizations succeed, whether it's helping new clients reach their marketing goals or volunteering my time to aid the campaign efforts of a non-profit organization down the street," Jaclyn says.

When not working or volunteering, Jaclyn enjoys meeting new people, exploring new places and trying different foods. Her favorite cuisine is spicy Thai, but she also enjoys Mexican, especially if accompanied by a Margarita, and of course, with her New England roots, a tasty lobster roll by the seaside is always at the top of her list.

So how did this New Englander end up in Kansas? Jaclyn came to our area to relocate with her husband, Spc. Collins, when he was transferred to Fort Riley Army Base. And we couldn't be happier that her move eventually brought Jaclyn to Imagemakers. She came to us after stepping into the role of Public Relations Coordinator for the Flint Hills Discovery Center, in Manhattan. There, she was responsible for promoting the grand opening of the $24.5 million facility, which has welcomed over 30,000 visitors in just the first few months of operation, including visits from national and state dignitaries: US Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar and Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback. Jaclyn's public relations efforts resulted in positive news coverage in outlets ranging from the Associated Press to Midwest Living.

"If there's a will, there's a way," is something Jaclyn often tells herself and we're certainly happy to have her will -- and expertise -- helping our clients find their way.

Guilty Pleasure: Dunkin' Donuts

Most Want to Visit: The exotic shores of Africa and Southeast Asia

Leisure Time Activities: Working out, traveling, learning about the healing power of organic foods and playing with her newfound love, her black lab, "Scamp the Champ"

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Carrie Rich

Carrie Rich

Account Executive

Carrie has the rare ability to be analytical and detail-oriented, yet also playful and creative. This makes her perfectly suited for the role of Account Executive, as she is able to help our clients define and then reach their goals.

But Carrie hasn’t always wanted to be a marketing Account Executive. This girl wanted to uncover ancient findings, help others, and be on live TV! Growing up as a young girl on her family's farm located in western Kansas, Carrie dreamed of being an archaeologist, a physical therapist, and a news anchor.

As Carrie grew up, she followed a different passion, her lifelong interest in fashion. To learn about the fashion industry, Carrie pursued a degree in Apparel & Textiles at Kansas State University (KSU), where she also completed a minor in Business. Although Carrie initially planned on working as a buyer after college, something sparked her interest in advertising and marketing.

Carrie’s change in career direction came about while in college, and it was prompted by beer. No, not from consuming too much of it, but rather her calling was revealed during a brewery tour in Colorado. That's when, at a presentation from the marketing department, Carrie's interest was piqued by the advertising campaign materials and the brewery's brand marketing efforts.

"I loved it! That’s when I knew I wanted to work in marketing and use both sides of my brain to help businesses reach their full potential," she says.

While in college, Carrie parlayed an internship with GTM Sportswear into full time employment, eventually moving up to Advertising Manager. She has also worked with the KSU Division of Communications and Marketing where she helped bring a dozen different colleges and departments of the university into compliance with rebranding guidelines. Carrie has also gained experience creating marketing strategies, media plans, and public relations initiatives. Most recently she was a part of the Retail Marketing Division at Payless Shoesource where she developed, presented, and executed retail marketing strategies. She can multi-task with the best of the best and is adept at managing complete and complex projects.

Now, Carrie is ready to explore the details of your business, its challenges, as well as its opportunities. She is eager to use her analytical skills, as well as her ability to see the big picture, to help you efficiently determine how your goals can be reached.

Really the only thing we can add is, "Thank goodness for beer!"

Must haves for Desert Island: Burt's Bees Chap Stick; husband, Jon, and daughter, Ella. "I could live without everything else, maybe even the Chap Stick, but I must have these two people with me!"

Favorite Drive: Pacific Coast Highway in California

Favorite Beer: Abita's Purple Haze (raspberry flavored!)

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Ben York

Ben York

Art Director

Although Ben York would prefer to have a different job every week, he has found the diversity and range of client projects he gets to work on at Imagemakers equally stimulating. Whether he's designing a brochure for a steel fabrication company or creating a web design for an organization interested in historic preservation, Ben uses his sharp problem solving skills to quickly understand what the client is looking for and how best to fulfill that. His attention to detail is evident from his logo and web designs to the creation of tradeshow displays, annual report and newsletter designs.

Design has captured Ben's attention since childhood when he would always notice when a soft drink had new packaging or a billboard was changed along the highway. Although good at a number of things - like golf, fly-fishing and poker - Ben has always been intrigued by design and finds it more interesting than even his favorite foods - cheeseburgers and fries.

Ben has a long history of being dependable, as evidenced by his being the recipient of an Attendance Award in the fifth grade in his hometown of Wichita. After earning a B.F.A from Kansas State University he worked for Union Graphics at the K-State Student Union, designing promotional materials for upcoming events. Ben joined Imagemakers in 2009 and was a member of the team that received an American Graphic Design award for the Manhattan Regional Airport website, www.flymhk.com, in 2010.

Favorite book: Blue Like Jazz

Next place I want to visit: The Mediterranean

Hobbies: Golf, fly fishing, sports, camping, poker, photography

Childhood career aspiration: Professional basketball player, golfer, car designer

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Brian John

Brian John

Web Developer / Process Analyst

Growing up in Chanute, Kansas Brian John wanted to be an anesthesiologist like his father, Monty. We're so glad his mom, Carol, saw Brian's talent for design and encouraged him to pursue a career in communications. We're also happy that Brian decided to return to Kansas and join Imagemakers after college and several years work experience in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

"Thanks to Mom, I decided the medical field was probably not the best fit for a geek who likes to sit at a computer all day," Brian says.

He soon found his calling as a graphic and web designer while at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in Graphic Design and Marketing Dynamics. After several years working as a graphic designer in Bartlesville, Brian found our job listings on the Imagemakers website and applied.

That's another thing we're happy about, because we hired him! Brian is pleased to be a member of the Imagemakers team where he can let his geek flag fly freely as a Front End Web Developer. His free spirit, love of rock 'n' roll and lifelong fascination with computers is a welcome addition to the office. When not enjoying travel, music, photography, and a beautifully prepared Rainbow trout with garlic mashed potatoes - especially when these things are shared with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Sadie - Brian enjoys trying to figure out how things work.

As a kid he took clocks and watches apart just to see how the gears all worked together. As he grew older he began playing with computers and immediately wanted to know how they worked and why they worked the way they did.

"I wanted to know how to use every program that I could get my hands on, and still do," he says. "I am always looking to learn more and better ways of improving my visual and verbal communications."

And communication is important to Brian. He loves to meet new people and, for a self-proclaimed geek, is very social. But in high school, although he loved telling stories, he found he was not very good at it. His enthusiasm for wanting to share the story would result in him excitedly ruining the natural unfolding of the tale he was trying to tell. But, instead of becoming easily discouraged, learning where he may have been weak only drove him to want to be better and after years of examining what made a good story and experimenting with storytelling techniques, his friends now attest that indeed one of Brian's best attributes is the ability to tell a great story.

Who wouldn't want to work with someone who is that invested in learning new things and wanting to be and do better – whether that is story telling or developing a new website for a client?

Favorite Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Favorite Band: Five Iron Frenzy

You Can Find Him: Listening to music, slappin' the bass, or spending time with his family

Claim(s) to Fame: Three first names, story-telling, personality

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Colin MacMillan

Colin MacMillan

Videographer / Photographer

Colin MacMillan is not only a talented, award-winning photographer, but he has the rare ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the lens. He also brings his expertise and experience in video production to our team. It is his ability to collaborate, share ideas, see another's point of view, and turn out the highest quality of work which we are most excited about sharing with our clients. Colin has a natural talent for keeping the mood light, even while under pressure.

We're not the only ones who have noticed Colin's extraordinary talents with the camera. In 2012, his "To the Stars" print was chosen by the Professional Photographers Association of America for their Loan Collection. It was then included in a worldwide tour with other honored works of art, as well as published in their national magazine. The previous year, the Kansas Professional Photographers Association recognized him as one of the top ten photographers in the state. In 2011 he was also named "Kansas Wedding Photographer of the Year."

Colin attributes much of his professional success to his father. According to Colin, it was his father, a hobby photographer, who is largely responsible for instilling in him a strong work ethic, a desire to explore his world behind the lens, and the encouragement to express his creativity without limitations.

Before graduating from Topeka High School in 1999, he was already a successful freelance wedding photographer and was studying the technical side of photography at Kaw Area Technical School in Topeka. When he finished high school, Colin studied fine arts at Washburn University.

"Photography was the first thing I found I was really good at. And it was really a lot of fun," Colin says, matching the Imagemakers philosophy of doing what you love. While an associate photographer and digital artist at Nathan Ham Photography, Colin oversaw the organization's evolution from film to digital and revamped the workflow of the company.

Colin seems to like all of us pretty well, but as a devoted family man, he freely admits his favorite people in the world are Grace, his wife, and Liam and Piper, their two children. Colin also enjoys participating in social media and has set up search fields on Twitter for those with questions about photography and design. "I'm really proud of this project because it allows me to interact with many people from all over the world, find solutions for challenging issues, and ultimately gives me the opportunity to give back to the internet community that I have learned from," says Colin.

In his spare time, he generously answers people's technical questions and helps them expand their own knowledge of photography, Photoshop, design and social media. That could be one reason why Colin's friends often refer to him as a "Photoshop Rock Star" and why we like to think both we and our clients are fortunate to have him on our team.

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing and being outside

Hidden Talent: Plays the guitar and Dobro

Favorite Food: Variety Pack! Colin admits, some of his best friends are cookies.

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John Holcomb

John Holcomb


John loves to create. What more could you ask for in a Graphic Designer? John has been an Illustrator and Assistant Art Director, and his work has been recognized by experts in the industry. He has received two "Best of Show" ADDY awards from the American Advertising Federation, and his work has appeared in Food Network Magazine, National Geographic, and Travel+Leisure Magazine.

With that kind of recognition, you'd think John would enjoy telling people all about his success as a designer. But, that's not John. He doesn't like to talk about himself – ever! In fact, John prefers staying humble and keeping his focus on cranking out award-winning work, and that’s okay with us. We're happy to be the ones to tell people about John's design and illustrative talents.

We're lucky to have John as a part of our team. He didn't always want to be a designer. There was a time when he dreamed of playing professional sports, maybe in the NFL or NBA.

"But once I learned that my tolerance for pain was below zero, sports were out," he says, while trying to nurse himself back to health from a nasty paper cut.

He also dreamed of playing in a rock 'n' roll band, and came a little closer to that dream when he interned for a record label in Los Angeles. It was a good fit since he had always been drawn to, and had a knack for, designing record covers. But alas, his disdain for traffic made him realize he was much happier living and working at a pace found in smaller towns.

When John works, he prefers bringing his work to life with the help of his #2 pencils, and not the mechanical kind! That's because he's the real deal. John graduated with honors from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where he met his wife and best friend, Ali. The two have been married for nearly ten years and John says if he were stranded on a desert island, Ali would definitely be one of the three things he'd want to have with him – along with as many #2 pencils and notebooks as he could gather.

Favorite Movies: The Breakfast Club and The Princess Bride

Enjoys: Swinging on swing sets

Favorite Place to Visit in US: Washington, DC (for its history, not its politics)

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Steven Vondruska

Steven "Cleveland" Vondruska

Web Developer

Steven Vondruska can't remember a time when he wasn't interested in electronics and technology. His love of technology and his ability to figure out how things work make him a natural as a programmer.

In fact, you might say his programming career began in elementary school in Ohio. That's when he figured out how to lock the school's entire IT support staff out of their Macintosh computer. The school, realizing they had a true technical prodigy on their hands, quickly made Steven the go-to guy to help solve any computer problems that arose.

And Steven uses that same drive and curiosity, as well as his ability to remain calm under pressure, in his position as Programmer at Imagemakers. Before joining the Imagemakers team Steven worked as a web template creator for National City Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, and as a developer and system administrator at Peerlis, an interactive technology firm.

His interest in writing computer code began while in high school when he began writing programs for the school's TI-83 graphing calculators. Like any true techie, Steven so enjoys tinkering with technology and creating programs that he continues to do so in his free time. He recently created a fully automated cat feeder which can be controlled by a smartphone.

Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite TV show: Mythbusters

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizza

Hobbies: Frisbee, building/figuring things out

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Clayton Leis

Clayton Leis

Online Marketing

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Clayton's younger brother, Justin, for honing Clayton's competitive edge. Growing up the two brothers competed in everything they did. Whether it was sports, grades, video games or their parents' attention the two turned every encounter into a competition.

That will to compete -- and win -- is still strong in Clayton.

"With this combination of competiveness and love for problem solving, it's no surprise I chose web marketing as a career. I get excited when I can work with companies that want to beat their competition," Clayton says.

Clayton came to us as an intern in 2006 and has been working with us ever since. In 2008 he graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor's in Computer Technology and Web Development.

When not working, Clayton enjoys spending time with his wife, Tricia, being surprised by foods he's never tried before and playing video games – which he still loves to win!

Favorite Drink: Peach Iced Tea

Favorite Food: Mom's Spaghetti

Favorite TV Station: PBS

Hobbies: Playing with his dog, Ace

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Luis Carranco

Luis Carranco

Software Consultant

After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in Ecuador, Luis was named a Fulbright Scholar and headed to Kansas State University to get his Master's Degree in Software Engineering. He has logged over eight years of experience in successfully developing software for businesses and government institutions in both the U. S. and Ecuador.

When Luis isn't building and developing software solutions for clients, he can often be found touring his native Ecuador with his band, Desquizofrenia. This doesn't seem that unusual when you realize that Luis has always been about breaking down barriers and cutting edge technology.

"I've loved computers since high school. My passion for technology started when I first learned to code. I immediately fell in love with being able to get computers to do what I wanted," Luis says.

Luis and his wife, Ana, have a young daughter, Nicole, and when not traveling with his band the family enjoys exploring new places together. It's just one more way to learn new things, which is also one of the things that Luis enjoys most about his career.

"My work allows me to learn new things, explore different businesses and new fields that I have not been exposed to before. I love to keep learning," says Luis.

Favorite Food: Ceviche

Hobbies: Playing guitar in a death metal band, spending time with his daughter, implementing and using technology around the house to make his life easier

Incredible Fact: Once got a bullet in his femur while saving his wife from getting mugged

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